Who can’t … won’t…

Whoever can’t read what is written, won’t read what is deleted
Whoever can’t read/write one vowel, won’t write/read a word
Whoever can’t read/write a word, won’t write/read a sentence
Whoever can’t read/write a sentence, won’t read a paragraph
Whoever can’t read/write a paragraph, won’t write/read a text
Whoever can’t read/write a text, won’t write/read a book
Whoever can’t see what is shown, won’t see what is hidden
Whoever can’t hear what is said loudly, won’t hear what is not prononced
Whoever can’t take one step forward, won’t make a journey
Whoever can’t sleep, won’t dream.


It’s a shame!
They be TRUSTFUL UNTIL when someone tells them that he/she trusts them
They be TRUSTFUL SINCE when someone tells them that he/she can’t trust them

It’s better to be TRUSTFUL when everybody/few/nobody tell(s) you that he/she/they can/can’t TRUST you.

Otherwise [ { ( “wrong way” ) } ]