There are 3 different types of people when it comes to trust:
1. Trust creators (TC)
2. Trust breakers (TB)
3. Trust destroyers (TD)

1. You’re lucky if you have met the first type at the first time.
2. You’re unlucky if you have met the second type at the first time.
3. You’re very unlucky if you have met the third type at the first time.

1. It’s difficult for a TC to recreate a trust where a TB has passed.
2. It’s more difficult and maybe impossible for a TC to recreate a trust where a TD has passed.
3. It’s very easy for a TC to create a trust where nobody else has passed.
4. It’s easy/difficult/impossible/possible for a TD to destroy the trust created by TC, depending on two things:
A. The strength of the weapon TD uses.
B. The strength of the trust.


The Best Woman To Marry

Wanna find the best woman to marry?
It’s like searching for one small candy
in the stack of razors,
you gotta be patient and careful dude
otherwise you’ll cut your fingers in pieces
before getting the candy.

Lucky those whose candies are above the stack,
Sorry to those whose candies are at the bottom of the stack
because the nearer the candy is, the less the risks are, the less time to waste
and the farther the candy is, the more the risks are, the more time to waste.

Lucky those whose stacks are not big
Sorry to those whose stacks are very big.
because the smaller the stack is, the easier the search is
and the bigger the stack is, the harder the search is.