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​No matter how worst you think your family treats or treated you. God has looked in all families and decides to put you there.

There is a good reason.


Thanks to God and them

Thanks to anyone who contributed in creation of any kind of chat application
coz he saved me, I never have so much to say but I always have more than too much to write.

But above all, thanks to God who gave me ten fingers with one mouth instead of ten mouths with one finger.

Fear no human boss but respect them because they can get you out of your current money earning opportunity even though it doesn’t mean that it was your last or best opportunity.

Fear, praise, respect and thank God because he is the boss above all bosses, he is the one and only one who gives opportunities to every human, even though some can think that they have in their hands others money earning opportunities key, but they are totally wrong.

Some can think that they can get you out of this life, fine then what about the next one (life)? The next one is the best one. God is the only one who can punish and get you out of this life and the next one.

So never look for over respect from those you disrespect, just respect each other, because one of the unpredictable things in this life is “THE FUTURE”, today you’re the leader because they’re the followers, but one day you can wake up and find that you have become a follower of one of your past followers.

What will you expect from him/her after so much disrespect you showed him/her?

Life is a long soft bridge on the deepest hole, show people that you’re overweight and overconfident, ask no advice, jump at the bridge and relax, you’ll damage the bridge and fall from it.

Who will be willing to pull you out? The one you disrespected? The one you gave a zero value?


I’m a planner

I can’t do only perfect things coz I ain’t God
I can make mistakes coz I’m a human
I can learn from them coz I’m a learner
I can’t make the same mistake twice unintentionally coz I’m a planner

Lickers on SALT

God rubbed SALT on ya? Ok, expect LICKERS.