There is no…

‚ÄčThere is no intentional mistake,

There is no planned error,

There is no prepared accident.

Life vs Computer Keyboard (1)

Life is like a computer keyboard, a set of different buttons, when well combined make useful and meaningful words or sentences, there is a backspace button we use to cut out our typing mistakes.

If there is no mistake then there would be no backspace button, it’s there coz we’re humans and we make mistakes, if there were no backspace button we would type carefully knowing that we have no option of correcting the mistakes we make when typing carelessly.


The STRONGEST is not
the one who does not make
that one would be the most CAREFUL,

The STRONGEST is not
the one who does not repeat
the same MISTAKE,
that one would be the LEARNER.

The STRONGEST is not
the one who apologizes
after making a MISTAKE,
but the one who MEANS it.

The theatrical term for them

If kindness is for kind people, kind words are for kind people, and sorry is a kind word, I would slap everyone I pass around, just to say sorry and then that would make me the most kind person.

Is that fair?

Sorry is the theatrical term for faults and mistakes chronic people, but by avoiding faults and mistakes you won’t need a “sorry”.