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​That one who

is able to lift 1000 pounds,
is able to lift only 100 pounds,
is able to lift only 10 pounds,
is able to lift only 1 pound and
is able to relax and lift nothing.

It’s just a matter of conditions, abilities and decisions.


​No matter how worst you think your family treats or treated you. God has looked in all families and decides to put you there.

There is a good reason.

​There is no intentional mistake,

There is no planned error,

There is no prepared accident.

​Complaining about the given big target doesn’t bring the results, only better strategies, best imprementation, hard work and consistency do.

While complaining, you are training and convincing your brain that it is impossible to hit the given target, which will assure you the failure on day 1.

You won’t even try and while failing, you will start to build the excuses.

And the time you wasted on building the excuse which will save you, would have been used to build the work which will make you shine forever.


Some won’t complain but will cheat to get the volatile results and impress their bosses, and they never realize that one day (soon or later) those results will evaporate.


Keep on being Positive and A Real Winner, then success is in your way.

23 years ago, on this date:

A big group of us has been identified,
6 days of public killings, they were not yet satisfied,
but through the elder among us, I’ve been notified,
I was really terrified,
but with God’s help, I thought about the escape, I tried,
and it worked but the future of the rest has been nullified,
the growth of the babies who knew nothing has been denied,
the role people had in the society has been simplified,
they’ve been killed and horribly buried,
some people celebrated while others including me cried,
I knew and still remember that I should have died, because everyone else died

except me and now here I am, there’s a very special reason, a very special mission…