We look for the success,

we find the success,

we misuse the success,

we throw away the success,

we realize that we misused the success,

we try to bring back the success,

but we are late and the success is not ours anymore.

Remember, nobody has the ownership of the success,

you are lucky if you now have the success,

take the full care of that success

coz when it’s gone😭😭😢

Hint: Replace the word “success” by any good word/name that it is coming up in your mind now😉

Doing roles properly

If one organ in your body is not doing its role properly, other organs are gonna be affected, and sometimes you’ll think that the affected organs are not strong enough.


There are 3 different types of people when it comes to trust:
1. Trust creators (TC)
2. Trust breakers (TB)
3. Trust destroyers (TD)

1. You’re lucky if you have met the first type at the first time.
2. You’re unlucky if you have met the second type at the first time.
3. You’re very unlucky if you have met the third type at the first time.

1. It’s difficult for a TC to recreate a trust where a TB has passed.
2. It’s more difficult and maybe impossible for a TC to recreate a trust where a TD has passed.
3. It’s very easy for a TC to create a trust where nobody else has passed.
4. It’s easy/difficult/impossible/possible for a TD to destroy the trust created by TC, depending on two things:
A. The strength of the weapon TD uses.
B. The strength of the trust.