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23 years ago, on this date:

A big group of us has been identified,
6 days of public killings, they were not yet satisfied,
but through the elder among us, I’ve been notified,
I was really terrified,
but with God’s help, I thought about the escape, I tried,
and it worked but the future of the rest has been nullified,
the growth of the babies who knew nothing has been denied,
the role people had in the society has been simplified,
they’ve been killed and horribly buried,
some people celebrated while others including me cried,
I knew and still remember that I should have died, because everyone else died

except me and now here I am, there’s a very special reason, a very special mission…


An advice from a friend

Appearances deceive,
Words deceive,
Pretending actions deceive,
Despite the heights of people, a distance from hair to toes can be easily walked by feet in less than 2 seconds, but there’s a place on a human that can take you 6 or more years (without stopping walking a second) to reach and read what truly is written there…”HEART” (distances may vary, so does the time that it can take you).

An advice from a friend, like but don’t like gossips, because they’re helpful on the truth discovery, and trust but don’t trust,
because the more you trust, the less you be careful,
the less you be careful, the more you die
(physically or psychologically),
the less you trust, the more you be careful,
the more you be careful, the more you be safe (normally, physically or psychologically),
and the safety is what we all wish to fully have.